Intelectual results

This intellectual output will be co-led by KCZIA for the contents side, and by Inveslan for the technical side. Both will cooperate and, together with the project leader, will provide partners the guidelines, instructions and support so all the team can contribute to the development of the output.

Several activities will be necessary:

a.1. Defining a methodology for the development of the toolkit, to establish a base structure, specific content, formats and media development, and tasks distribution among the partners – 1 month.
This will be provided by the output development leaders, and agreed with all partners.

a.2. Develoment of training modules of the Toolkit – 5 months.
KCZIA will lead the development of the training modules, to which all partners will contribute as agreed. 36.6 CC partner will support them in this activity.

a.3. Development of the resources and activities of the Toolkit – 5 months.
MARISTAK will lead the identification and development of the resources and activities for teachers. Scholengroep 1 Antwerpen will be supporting them in this stage.

a.4. VLE design and programming – 5 months.
Simultaneusly, and in coordination with a.3 and a.4, Inveslan will work on the deveopment of the Virtual Learning Environment.

It is important to note that a.2; a.3 and a.4 will run in paralel and require internal communication between the activities leaders, as each part is a component of the final product. In this sense, it is agreed to have at least one (meeting) each 20-30 days to guarantee proper implemenation.

a.5. VLE publication, pre-testing, corrections and translation into partners languages – 2 months.
The publication of the VLE will be made when the 3 previous activities are completed. Partners will implement internal testing (pre-testing) activities to detect potential mis-funcionalities, spelling mistakes, errors, etc. After that, the VLE and their contents will be translated into partners languages.

a.6. Testing with final users, corrections and improvements, publication of the final outputs – 6 months.
The final key activity is the testing of the products with the final users. 36.6 CC will design a testing methodology and instruments, so all partners can get comparable data from the national experience. After this stage, and taking into account the inputs and feedback from the target groups, partners will agree on the improvement/changes to implement and will produce the final version of the output.

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